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Diosmin-Hesperidin is a flavonoid blend from oranges and lemons which have traditionally been used effectively in treatment of vascular disorders such as chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) and hemorrhoids (HD).

Diosmin-Hesperidin increases vascular tone, and thus reduces venous capacitance, distensibility and stasis (slow blood flow in veins). These effects have resulted in increased venous return and reduce venous hypertension in people with CVI.

At the level of the microcirculation, diosmin-hesperidin reduces capillary hyperpermeability and increases capillary resistance by protecting the microcirculation from aggressive processes.



Description: The presentation of the product is a yellowish-brown powder, slightly soluble in alkali, with a content higher than 85% of diosmin and more than 8.5% of hesperidin, both measured by HPLC being the standard diosmin.

Applications: In dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals: cardiovascular protection, varicose veins, hemorrhoids

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