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Naringin is the main flavonoid of grapefruit and has traditionally been used as a bittering agent in place of quinine. Nutrafur extracts naringin from grapefruits mainly from the Mediterranean area and especially from Murcia. With own technology and through various stages of extraction and purification, Nutrafur manufactures naringin with the highest purity. Its bright white color makes it very suitable for use in bitter drinks such as tonic water.

Several scientific studies have also shown that naringin intake helps improve lipid profile, reducing levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and increasing HDL-cholesterol levels and protecting the onset of atherosclerosis. More recent studies in rodents with diabetes also have proven effective in reducing blood glucose levels through modulation of key enzymes of glucose metabolism.



Description: Nutrafur’s naringin is a powder with a white-beige color, and bitter taste. It is insoluble in cold water and soluble in hot water, ethanol, methanol and propileneglicol. It contains 99% flavonoids measured by UV.

Applications: In food, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals- natural bittering and regulation of cholesterol and hyperglycemia.

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