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Passion flower extract

Passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) is a very beautiful climbing vine native from Mexico and the Aztecs used it for its sedative properties.

It gradually helps to restore a restful and quality sleep. It is especially recommended in cases of insomnia, anxiety and frequent nighttime awakenings.

Passion flower is also effective in the treatment of nervous twitches. By not producing habituation or dependency, is a good remedy in the detoxification process of drug treatments, being a substitute for traditional hypnotics.



Description: This extract is obtained from the leaves of Passiflora incarnata. It is a brown powder with characteristic odor. It is soluble in alcohol-water mixtures. It contains a total of 3.5% flavonoids expressed as vitexin, and measured by HPLC.

Applications: In nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries: spasmolytic, mild sedative

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