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The Nutrafur factory in Murcia (Spain) has an area for industrial use of 80.000 m2 and includes two production plants equipped with the latest extraction  technology.
A qualified professional team as well as automated and monitored processes allow us to get total control of manufacturing and end products subject to the highest quality standards and the strictest microbiological requirements of the market.  


Nutrafur has 2 multi-extraction and multi-product production plants. Three independent production lines per plant, ensure a processing capacity of raw materials close to 2,000 tons per year and a regular supply to our customers.

The operations of extraction, separation, purification, concentration and drying are carried out under the strictest quality and hygiene standards and they apply all our expertise and experience in the processing of raw materials mainly Mediterranean.

The versatility of Nutrafur both for small productions and large-scale production is a value differentiator from our competitors.    


Finishing our products includes drying, milling, formulation, sieving and packaging procedures.  These steps are performed in 8 certified clean rooms class D ensuring the absence of microbiological contamination or cross contamination.

This manufacturing process ensures that Nutrafur products meet strictest microbiological requirements of the market, and have not undergone sterilization procedures or irradiation.

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