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Nutrafur S.A. is located in the Region of Murcia, privileged location which allows us to enjoy a wide variety of plant species typical of the Mediterranean area, in whose assets are specialists.

The Region of Murcia is located in the South East of Spain and more specifically in the so-called “Arco Mediterraneo”, in the heart of the Levant. Situated between two seas, the Mediterranean and the Mar Menor, is presented as a land that has combined its vast cultural heritage with innovation and artistic vanguard.

Its major towns are Murcia, the capital, with over 430,000 inhabitants, Cartagena with more than  210.000 and Lorca, which exceeds 90,000.

The Region of Murcia has a population of nearly a million and a half inhabitants and an area of 11,300 km2, so that this territory is not very extensive… In spite of that, this land offers 252 kilometers of coastline and a surprising variety of landscapes.

Sun and sea, adventure, interior landscapes, nature, culture, health and beauty ... In Region of Murcia you can enjoy all the possibilities at any time of year. Its very good weather at any time of the year permanently invites you discover the wonders of this land and its secrets.

Nutrafur S.A.
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